Rules, expertise, professionalism, information, confidentiality and rates of Chiarini Law Firm

Accuracy, efficiency and cordiality

Our Professionals customarily establish a direct relationship with the Client, based on a communicative and empathic relationship, in order to understand the reasons that caused him to turn to our Office.

The Firm is aware of the value of time, both for Clients and Professionals, and this promotes punctuality, reduction of waiting time and use of swift means of communication.

The Professionals ensure full availability and willingness to listen, mindful to promptly call back a Client who has not been able to contact them.

Persalute Project

PERSALUTE is a specific project dedicated to compensation for damages done to the person, in order to offer a place to meet, discuss and share the topic of responsibility for medical care.

Dedimpresa Project

DEDIMPRESA is a project created and developed by professionals aware of the needs of the business world, in order to ensure the Client a unified and comprehensive service from both legal and economic perspectives.