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Our Lawyers and Professionals

Team Studio Legale Chiarini

All Lawyers and Professional within the Chiarini Law Firm are highly competent in their areas of practice and constantly keep themselves updated by participating in seminars, symposia and conferences. Many of them have completed their preparation through the attainment of specialized qualifications and have held university and extra-university teaching positions.

In addition to the senior partner and founder (Mr Giovanni Chiarini), the structure of the firm consists of two managing partners, as well as several associates, consultants, trainees and external correspondents.

The biographical notes and studies published in this section do not include correspondents and consultants in matters that differ to legal ones.


Persalute Project

PERSALUTE is a specific project dedicated to compensation for damages done to the person, in order to offer a place to meet, discuss and share the topic of responsibility for medical care.

Dedimpresa Project

DEDIMPRESA is a project created and developed by professionals aware of the needs of the business world, in order to ensure the Client a unified and comprehensive service from both legal and economic perspectives.